Support Hours

Telephone Support is available on 01326 378268 (from within the UK) or 44 1326 378268 (from outside UK) on:

Monday to Friday - 10:00am to 4:00pm

Excluding Bank Holidays and any specific periods outlined below. All times are GMT.

Email support

Email Support is officially offered during the above times, however we do try our best to offer email support out of hours and during any extended holiday periods.

Support or Licence requests made by email outside of the times and dates (if any) listed above may still be responded to, however this is on a voluntary basis so please expect delays or even a response on the next day that normal support commences.

We will do our best to answer emails out of hours, however please expect delays. If sending an email, try to include as much information as possible. Also please include your software Serial Number in the Subject of any emails.

Our email address is available here

Email Support


If you are requesting Support or a New licence Key, please provide your SimplyPats Serial Number, failure to provide this may result in a delayed response.

Remote Assistance Website Link

If you have been directed to this web page by our Tech Support Team to setup a Remote Assistance Session, please click on the following link where you will be prompted to enter a Session Number.

SimplyPats Support - Remote Assistance

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Support for SimplyPats Version 7

Updates for SimplyPats Version 7 can be downloaded from our forum,

You will need a SimplyPats Forum Account before you can access the download section. Applying for a forum account is quick and free.

I already have a forum account
I need to setup a forum account

Main SimplyPats V7 Forum Area

Support for SimplyPats Version 6

SimplyPats Version 6 and below are no longer supported, however updates for SimplyPats Version 6 are still available and can be downloaded from our forum,

You will need a SimplyPats Forum Account before you can access the download section. Applying for a forum account is quick and free.

Upgrade to the latest Version

SimplyPats V6 FAQ/User Guides
Main SimplyPats V6 Forum Area

Support for SimplyPats Version 5

Support for SimplyPats Version 5 and below ended some time ago, updates for these version are no longer available for download.

We recommend that customers running older versions of SimplyPats upgrade to the latest version to gain; Continued Technical Support including regular updates, additional features, support for additional testers and compatibility with the latest Microsoft Windows (TM) Operating Systems.

Main Simplypats V5 Forum Area
Forum Area for older versions of Simplypats

Frequently Asked Questions (General)

Do you charge for Support?

No, telephone and email support is currently offered free of charge for SimplyPats Version 7 users.

How many computers can i install SimplyPats on?

The following only applies to SimplyPats Version 7 (Full Downloading Edition), other versions of SimplyPats such as SimplyPats Version 7 Manual Edition, KEWPAT Pro or MPAT Suite are only provided as Single User Licences.

The first SimplyPats Version 7 (Full Downloading Edition) Serial Number registered to you and/or your company comes with one official and one free licence, allowing the software to be installed and used on two computers providing they are within the same company geographical site.

Whats the difference between SimplyPats and SimplyPats Manual Edition?

SimplyPats supports Downloading PAT Testers which have various options for transferring data to SimplyPats, such as Cable, Bluetooth or USB Memory stick for example.

SimplyPats Manual Edition does not have any download or import features and only supports the entry of Appliance Information and PAT Data via the computer.

SimplyPats Manual Edition is sold as a Single User Licence.

I have an older version of SimplyPats, can i upgrade to the latest version?

Yes, there are various upgrade paths available depending on the version you currently own, see upgrading my software for further information and prices.

Buying / Selling Second Hand Software, things you need to know?

We have written a Blog on our PAT Test Kit website detailing the implications of buying and selling SimplyPats software second hand.

Will SimplyPats run on Mac computers?

SimplyPats is not compatibile with Mac OS, however there are no reported problems with running SimplyPats on Mac hardware where Microsoft Windows (TM) has been installed. Parallels or Boot Camp are two examples of available solutions.

We cannot guarantee to support SimplyPats running on Mac Hardware.