Upgrade to the latest version of SimplyPats step one

Upgrade to the latest version or different Version of SimplyPats

The option to purchase an upgrade to the latest version of SimplyPats is generally available to all users that own an existing Licence for SimplyPats.

You can also cross grade from SimplyPats Manual Edition to the Full downloading Edition for example. Click on the link opposite to continue..

What information do I need to provide with regards to my existing SimplyPats software?

Ideally we need your existing SimplyPats Serial Number, which should be entered into the comments field during the checkout process, however dont worry if you do not have this, just contact support.

How will i receive my upgrade?

We no longer provide retail CD packs for upgrades, all orders for software will be delivered via email which will include a link to a Digital Download, along with your Serial Number and Licence instructions.

If you do not have access to the internet or email, we will of course make other arrangements to deliver the software, however additional costs may apply.

If i purchase the upgrade online, can i download it instantly?

Unfortunately no, all online orders are processed manually during our normal business hours, so there maybe a delay in receiving your Digital Download depending on when you order.

Do i need my existing software installed in order to install and run the upgrade?

No, when we issue your upgrade we include a full stand-alone install of SimplyPats.

Can i sell my old SimplyPats software or transfer the licence to another person?

No, when we issue your upgrade we issue a new Serial Number to you, in effect you are surrendering the old Serial Number and Licence by upgrading.

Step One

This is step one of the Upgrade or Product Cross Grade process, on the following page you will need to choose the option that applies to you.

Please read the information opposite before continuing.

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