PAT Testing Software for In-house Testing

Many companies choose to carry out their own in-house PAT Testing as it could result in cost savings, however the initial outlay of purchasing a PAT Tester, PAT Software and training up personnel can be expensive, which is why its important you make the right choices when choosing the most suitable solution for the job.

Worldwide, SimplyPats is the preferred PAT Testing software solution for many Schools, Collages, Universities, NHS Trusts, Government Departments, Utility Companies as well as many well known Blue Chip and Household Name companies.

Below you will find a list of features that a company choosing to carrying out in-house PAT Testing may look for when looking at PAT Testing software, however this is by no means a full list of features found in SimplyPats.

Whether you are carrying out your own in-house PAT Testing or you are a contractor, you will find that SimplyPats is the ideal solution for managing and keeping on top of your PAT Testing. You may be pleasantly surprised at how easy SimplyPats is to setup and use given the number of PAT Testers supported and feature set included, why not download the demo and find out for yourself.

  • Free support via Telephone, email, our PAT Testing Forum or Live Chat via our website. Remote Assistance can also be used if needed.
  • Unlike many of our competitors software, SimplyPats contains a Comprehensive Context Sensitive Help System comprising of over 114 separate topics
  • Cheaper Manual Edition also available for in-house PAT Testing if using a non-downloadable PAT Tester
  • Ideal PAT Testing solution for Schools, Collages, Universities, Hospitals, Care Homes, Hotels or Leisure Facilities, Landlords or any company that is looking for a complete software solution to manage their in-house PAT (Portable Appliance) testing
  • SimplyPats supports download of data from over 40 PAT Testers from various manufacturers. Offering the greatest compatibility of any PAT Testing software currently available. Ideal if you have different PAT Testers or Hire a PAT Tester
  • Data downloaded from multiple PAT Testers can be merged into one single file regardless of manufacturer or model
  • Export Retest information to Microsoft Outlook or use the on screen calendar for a quick visual overview of retests due
  • Quickly view and print a report of appliances which are over due for retest and also appliances which are due for retest in the coming days, weeks or months
  • Manage your PAT data the way you want, create one Master File or store your PAT data by month/year
  • Merge data files, save selected Sites or Locations to a new data file
  • Store your PAT Data in a central location, allowing multiple users to access the data (additional SimplyPats licences may be required)
  • 18 reports available as standard including Appliance Register, PASS/Fail, Single Appliance per page and Certificate of Portable Appliance Testing
  • Free Additional Custom PAT Reports available via our web site with specific Custom PAT Reports available on request at agreed prices
  • Export your PAT Reports in PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, Text and Tiff formats
  • Setup a print and PDF export list for your most commonly used PAT Reports, these can then be printed, exported and emailed with the click of a button
  • Import and Update master file with the option of producing a report of Tested Items, New Items and Missing Items
  • Option of using Abbreviations for Appliance Description, Site and Location to save time, these can then replaced with the full word after download
  • Record Microwave Leakage and RCD Test Results (Dedicated Reports can be printed / exported)
  • Mark or Flag Appliances as redundant or disposed of (can be reversed) further enhancing the real time status of any appliances
  • Quickly view, sort or edit appliance information from the main screen
  • Actual PAT Test results together with limits and overall status for any given appliance can be viewed on the main screen by clicking on the appliance in question
  • View a graph detailing test results, showing the possible degradation over time
  • Print your own PAT Testing Labels using data from an existing file or from scratch (please note that you will still need to purchase pre-designed PAT Testing Label stock from one of the supported templates)
  • Import and Export PAT data to inspHire Specialist Hire Software
  • Manual Entry of PAT Data also supported
  • Access to free software updates for the current version, with future Version Upgrades available at a reduced price
  • Extremely easy to setup and use, powerful software can be user friendly
  • Flexible and cost effective Licencing options available where a Multi User or Multi Site solution is required

Thousands of companies worldwide use SimplyPats and have continued to do so over the past 10 years. They recognised that the solution as a whole offers unbeatable value, unparalleled support, greater freedom where type of PAT Tester is concerned and most importantly greatly improved productivity were all core requirements when making that initial investment.

Many companies looking to update their current solution have migrated over to using SimplyPats and have found that with our help their existing database can sometimes be converted for use with SimplyPats, making the whole process seamless.

Try SimplyPats yourself, download the Demo
(Please note that certain features have been disabled in the Demo Version)

All information correct at the time of publication 13/01/2011