Our GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Terms as of May 2018

Who are we?

RSR Systems Ltd is primarily a software development company based in Cornwall, UK, specialising in the development of Electrical Software Solutions on various platforms.

www.simplypats.co.uk and www.simplypats.net are sites operated by RSR Systems Ltd.  We are Limited company registered in England (Reg: 4228715)

Why we collect your data?

We collect and store your data for various reasons, including the provision of services, to send you information that you have requested (Software Licence Requests, Demo Downloads etc), to offer support for those products and services and for invoicing and warrantee purposes if purchasing any services or goods from us.

As an individual you are giving RSR Systems Ltd clear consent to process your personal data for the specific purpose of Licencing your software for the first time, and the continuation of Licencing the software in the future using Phone, Email, Website or other digital communication. In addition, we may offer or manage other products or services in which using your details are necessary.

The following outlines what data we collect, how we may use the data, how we protect your data and your rights, and how you can exercise those rights. Please read the following carefully to understand how your personal data will be used.

What Information do we collect and Store?

In order to register for a licence to use the SimplyPats software you need to provide the following information:

Your unique Serial Number
A Licence Number
Your Contact Details or the Contact Details of the person who will own the licence to use the software.

Contact Details will normally include; Name, Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address.

If you are requesting support for your software, we may also make notes about the issues you were having and if those issues were addressed.

We also keep a historical note of Licence Numbers and Licence Keys.

More detail on the information we collect and store

Your Unique Serial Number

When you register your SimplyPats Software, you will be using a unique Serial Number generated by us that may have been provided to you via a 3rd Party distributor or by ourselves if you purchased the software licence direct.  Think of the Serial Number as representing a Single Licence to use the software after it has been registered.

A Licence Number

You will also be required to submit a Licence Number.  The Licence Number is generated by SimplyPats after you have installed the software on the PC or Device that you want to use it on.  The Licence Number is unique to each PC or Device and contains no personal identifiable information.

Your Details

You will be required to provide personal information when registering your SimplyPats software for the first time online.

When you submit your registration details online you are registering your interest to use a SimplyPats Licence.  We will use the Licence Number you provided to generate a Licence Key which is needed to unlock the software.  The Licence Key will be sent to the email address you entered during the Registration process.

Where are my Details stored?

When you register your software, your details are stored for a short period of time in a database on a managed web server provided by a 3rd party company.  The data is not encrypted, but your personal information is deleted from the web server database normally within a 72 hour period where it is then transferred to our local office database.

Your Personal Information is not stored on our web database for any significant period of time.
Your details are however, stored on our local database indefinitely as we need a record of who owns the right to use a licence for the software.

What Personal Details do you Store?

Our database stores any data that you submitted via our software registration page when you originally registered your software.

We update your record when you request a new Licence Key, and may also add notes regarding any communication related to support issues.

When do you use my Personal Details?

Software Licence Requests

When you request a new licence key we may look up and edit your details on our database to make sure that you own the right to licence the software.  Licence requests are carried out via email where you send us your software Serial Number and Licence Number, we then generate a Licence Key and send it back to the email address that we have on our database for the Serial Number provided.

When you request Support

If you are requesting support or advice from us, we will need to process your data because of your specific relationship with us.

We will keep all information relating to your query in a confidential record that is specific to you.


Any information we use for the purposes of marketing, is used internally only.

We may use your data for statistical reports, however these statistics will not include any information that could be used to identify any individual.

From time to time, we may use your information to inform you of product updates or offers.  If you would rather not hear from us, please let us know.

Security of your personal data

We use appropriate technical, organisational measures and precautions to protect your personal data and to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal data.

Sending information over the internet may not be completely secure. Although we do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to our website or by any other electronic means such as Email or instant messaging.

We will do our best to ensure that your data is handled using the correct procedures, as well as ensuring that adequate security features are put in place to try to prevent unauthorised access.

Do you share my details with any anyone else?

No, we do not share your details with anyone else, they are used purely for the reasons stated above.

Your Rights

Can I request that my details are deleted from your database?

Yes, however by doing so you will lose the right to Licence the software in the future as we can no longer validate who the rightful licence holder is.

If you no longer want to use the software and therefore terminate your agreement between yourself and RSR Systems Ltd with regards to ownership of any software licences, after written conformation we will be happy to remove any personal details we hold about you from our database.  We will endeavour to act on your request within 10 working days from receipt of your instruction.

How do I notify you of any changes?

We want to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up to date. If any of the information that you have provided us with changes, please let us know by calling our support number, or by sending an email to our support address (see below).

We will endeavour to act on your request within 10 working days from receipt of your instruction.

Can I request a copy of the personal information you store on me?

Yes, after receiving a written request from yourself, we can start the process of supplying you with copies of any data held about you.  The identity of the person making the request for such information would need to verified to make sure that we are supplying information to the correct person.

We will endeavour to act on your request within 10 working days from receipt of your instruction.

Contact Us

Our Contact details can be found on our Contact Page, please feel free to contact us using any of the available methods listed there.  Our Support Page also shows our current business hours and any periods where support or contact may be unavailable or limited.

Updated 24th May 2018