Downloading Megger PAT4

Connecting the PAT to your PC

Before going any further, make sure your PAT tester is connected to your computer using the supplied cable (only use the cable that came with your PAT tester). If you want to see more information on what cables you need to connect your PAT tester or if you are using a USB to Serial converter tp connect to your PC click here. Cable Connections From Pat Tester To PC

Setting what to use the Serial Number Field field on the PAT tester

Before downloading, ensure you have selected from the drop down box on the Pat Settings screen what you want to assign the Serial Number field on the Megger PAT4. Using the Notes Fields On Your PAT with SimplyPats

Downloading the Megger PAT4

Turn on your Megger PAT4 and make sure you are at the top level Main Menu. Ensure you have the correct download cable attached. NOTE the Megger uses a specialised Serial (RS232) Download cable which is unique to this PAT Tester. No other Serial cable will work!

From the Main Menu select the COMMS button.

On The SimplyPats PAT Settings Screen

SimplyPats can automatically detect the baud rate and com port that this PAT tester is set to. To Start the Download process, click on the download button and you should see a screen similar to that shown below as SimplyPats waits for the data from your PAT tester.

Overiding The Auto Detect Baud Rate and Com Port

If you experience problems downloading from this PAT tester, you may wish to manually configure the com port and baud rate.

1) Select the Com Port that your PAT tester is attached to using the drop down box at the top of the screen.

2) Tick the Override Auto Detect Baud Rate and Com Port box

To Start the Download process, click on the download button


Now press the SEND button on the Megger PAT4

You should see the Connecting... message as the PAT4 and PC try to communicate. If this is successful, on the next screen you will then see Sending followed by animated arrows. SimplyPats will also show you data being downloaded.

After downloading has finished, you should see your test data displayed in SimplyPats.

Raw Data Backup

SimplyPats automatically creates a back up of the raw data downloaded from your PAT tester and places it in the RawData folder within the main SimplyPats folder. This location of this folder is usually C:\Program Files\SimplyPats 6\RawData\

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