Information about SimplyPats V6 Update and SimplyPats V7 Upgrade

Upgrade to SimplyPats Version 7

SimplyPats Version 7 has now been officially released and upgrades to SimplyPats Version 7 can be purchased here

Customers running Microsoft Windows 8 will need to upgrade to SimplyPats Version 7 as previous versions of SimplyPats are not supported on Windows 8.

How much is the upgrade?

The price of the upgrade will vary depending on the version or type of SimplyPats software you are currently running.

If you are interested in upgrading to Simplypats Version 7, SimplyPats Version 7 Manual Edition, KEWPAT Pro V7 or MPAT Suite Version 7, please contact support for further information and prices.

Phone: 01326 378268 (+44 1326 378268)
Email: Email SimplyPats Sales and Support

Download the latest update for SimplyPats Version 6

If you are not interested in upgrading to Simplypats Version 7, you can download and install the latest update for your current Simplypats Version 6 software.

The update applies to:

SimplyPats Version 6
SimplyPats Version 6 Manual Edition
MPAT Suite (V6)

The update can be downloaded from the SimplyPats Forum. You will need a Forum Account to access the download section.

Click here to be directed to the SimplyPats Version 6 Download area where you can either login using your existing Forum Account details or Register for a new account by clicking here.

Please note that forum applications are not automatically approved, each application is reviewed by a member of staff which may mean a delay in receiving your acknowledgement email if you register out of office hours.